Metal Cutting Fluids

We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Metal Cutting Fluid from Delhi, India. The formulation of our Metal Cutting Fluid is based on a blend of paraffinic mineral base oils plus suitable additives. When it comes to delivering Metal Cutting Fluid, we use fast shipment modes so as to ensure its prompt and timely delivery at the customers’ end.

Applications  :

  • As an emulsion lubricant and coolant suitable for application in most type of machining and metal working operations.

Advantages  :

  • Mixed readily with water to form stable emulsions
  • Good rust preventive and anti-foam properties
  • Formulated to effectively remove heat from metalworking operation
  • Emulsion resistant to freezing and additive separation
  • Protection against bacterial growth and deterioration
  • Low- staining characteristics

Preparation :Soluble oils are prepared for use by mixing them with relatively large portions of water. The oils must always be added to the water. Never add the water to the oil. Usually one part oil is stirred into four parts water. Adding water to this mixture then makes the desired dilution. Oil should never be added directly to the existing emulsion. For best emulsion stability, rust and bacterial growth protection, low hardness water should be used to prepare emulsions. It is important that the correct oil-water proportions be maintained in service.
Evaporation in the water, which is espacially rapid inmachining operations that developed high temperatures, may enrich the emulsion excessively. Conversely, finely divided prticles carried away by the emulsion may, when filtered out, remove more oil form the emulsion than water and thus make the emulsion leaner. Oil concentration should be checked at any time. With the oil separated from the water, its concentration can easily be observed and corrected as necessary by adding an emulsion with definite concentration. Avoid strong suitable oils below freezing temperatures. If freezing should occur, re-warm to room temperature and mix product well before using.