Rubber Process Oil

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Powerzone rubber oils can be broadly classified in to three basic group depending on the physical arrangement of the carbon atoms namely, paraffins, Naphthenes and Aromatics.

All petroleum oils are mixtures of various hydrocarbon group and their classification in arbitrary, and is based on the predominance of a particular hydro-carbon group.

Powerzone RPO-200 : It is a light colored paraffinic type of oil and has good color stability. It is also has high flash point and good high temperature properties, but it has low solvency.

It finds greatest use in beauty and ethylene propylene rubber. It is recommended to use for the processing of light colored rubber good such as white walled tyres, shoe soles, sporting good, etc.

Powerzone RPO-500 : This is a naphthenic type of oil has fairly good color stability with adequate high temperature properties. Its solvency is better suitable as general purpose rubber oil for mats, footwear, moulded and extruded goods.

Powerzone RPO-700 : This is an aromatic type of oil and due to the presence of double bonds it is the least stable. It is dark in color and has good solvency making it compatible with most rubber polymers. It finds extensive use in the manufacture of automobile tyres, belting, battery cases etc, where color is not an important factor.

Technical Features :

Powerzone Rubber process oil 200 500 700
Viscosity, [email protected] 0C 28-32 18-23 21.25-25.00 @1000 ºC
Flash Point, COC, 0C 190 160 218
Aniline Point,0C 98 85 40-50
Pour Point, 0C 0 0 32
Molecular Analysis
ASTM D 2007
Asphaltenes wt.% NIL NIL 0.1
Polar Compounds wt.% 0.6 2.3 9.2
Aromatics wt.% 20.3 46.7 66.5
Saturates wt.% 79.1 51 24-3