Special Purpose Grease

Our organization instrumental in offering Special Purpose Grease to our valuable clients. These Special Purpose Grease are meant for usages in light and heavy duty vehicles. Our Speciality Lubricants are stringently tested for quality and are provided to our clients at highly competitive rates. Our special purpose grease are lubricating preparations designed for lubrication of equipment under special conditions and environments.

Product Features :

Grade Product Serviceable Temperature Pack Size
7050 SH Grease, NLG12 (-40 to 150°C)

Synthetic hydrocarbon based, non soap, non staining, non­toxic, water, acid and saline solution resistant grease for applications having possibility of incidental food contact. Excellent rust and corrosion protection, oxidation resistance and wear prevention properties. Most suited for canneries, bottling plants. Also used as a contact grease mainly on tin-lead electrical connections.

1, 4 & 25.1 Kg
7051 SH Grease, NLGI2&1 (-50tol50°C)

Synthetic hydrocarbon and solid lubricant based, non soap, non staining, non-toxic, water, acid and saline solution resistant grease for lubrication of plastic to plastic and plastic to metal substrates. Most suitable for plastic gears and parts in toys, audio and video electronics, auto-componenets and machinery having possibility of incidental food contact.

1, 4 & 25.1 Kg


2004 Chuck Grease, NLGI2 (-25to250°C)

An adhesive, synthetic grease containing solid lubricants capable of withstanding high loads, water and cutting fluid washout. Prevents fretting corrosion and galling. Used as a lubricant for chuck jaws of machine tools.

0.5 & l Kg
2172 Fuel Resistant Grease (-10to 100″C)

A non-petroleum and non-synthetic fluid based grease, resistant to wash out by fuels, petroleum and hydrocarbon solvents. Most suited for metal surfaces in close proximity of fuels, petroleum oils and hydrocarbon solvents.

4 Kg
2000 Hi Speed Bearing Grease, NLGI 2 (-50 tol 80″C)

A synthetic grease thickened with barium soap complex for bearing operating at high speeds. It offers good protection against wear and corrosion and is resistant to water and oxidation. Primarily used for spindle bearings and high speed bearings in CNC machine tools, internal grinding and textile machines.

0.050, 0.5 & 1 Kg